Monday, December 8, 2014

This week I smiled because

Monday: Random catch up with my beautiful bestie M. She treated me to a play produced by my favourite theatre house, and I didn't fall asleep in the middle of it! Conveniently for me, it was indirectly about creative writing.

Tuesday: Had a nice long chat and some sweet hangs with a couple of friends in Hyde Park on a hot, windy, sunny day that now and again randomly involved thunder. Gorgeous.

Wednesday: While I was out with my dad, who's a pretty gruff guy, I started noticing all the little ways he shows he's proud of me. Felt pretty nice.

Thursday: I had the most amazing popcorn. Honestly, I was like Tolkien's Gollum, crouched over this massive bowl of happiness in front of tv in the dark, shoveling that stuff in inbetween amazed giggles. You gotta try it. Make it on the stove with some oil like normal. Melt some butter in the microwave. As soon as the popcorn's ready, pour the butter over, sprinkle in lots of salt, some sugar, ground cinnamon, a bit of nutmeg, and cayenne pepper, then toss like mad. You're welcome.

Friday: I met a nice tourist from the US who I found out has his own travel journal. He was reviewing Tetsuya's, a super fancy Japanese restaurant, and he invited me to join him! Not only was this a rare and mind-blowing fine dining experience for me, but I also got it for free, and with good company. I'm very lucky.

Saturday: I slept most of this day, so really, what's there not to smile about?

Sunday: Lazy day with the two stooges, D and T, who I've missed very much. Brunch, TV, tea, ice cream, more food, dessert, more TV. I think I may tortured D with my terrible fake French accent all the way through one of my favourite foodie movies. Love it.



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    1. Always a surprise when I keep an open mind! :) My boring weeks are the ones I expect to be boring.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! :)

    Take care